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Scrapple (2005: Golan Levin) is an audiovisual installation in which everyday objects placed on a table are interpreted as sound-producing marks in an “active score.”

The Scrapple system scans a table surface as if it were a kind of music notation, producing music in real-time from any objects lying there. The installation makes use of a variety of playful forms; in particular, long flexible curves allow for the creation of variable melodies, while an assemblage of cloth shapes, small objects and wind-up toys yields ever-changing rhythms. Video projections on the Scrapple table transform the surface into a simple augmented reality, in which the objects placed by users are elaborated through luminous and explanatory graphics. The 3-meter long table produces a 4-second audio loop, allowing participants to experiment freely with tangible, interactive audiovisual composition. In the Scrapple installation, the table is the score.

Scrapple was created with support from the artist residency program of the Ars Electronica Futurelab. The Scrapple performance has been presented at the following venues, among others: Below are a few performance that have been done.

  • Bios, Athens, Greece. 9/2006.
  • Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria. 9/2006.
  • PlayVision, World Financial Center Arts & Events Series, NYC, 5/2006.
  • OFFF Festival, Barcelona, Spain. 5/2006.
  • 49th San Francisco International Film Festival, 4/2006.
  • Signal Operators, University of Houston, Texas. 4/2006.
  • Tokyo Digital Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan. 12/2005.
  • RomaEuropa Festival, Rome, Italy. 11/2005.
  • Ultrasound Festival, Huddersfield, UK. 11/2005.
  • Monkeytown, Brooklyn, NYC. 11/2005.

Press images of Scrapple performances are available in the following Flickr photosets:
Ultrasound Festival, 2005 (with Sue Costabile)
RomaEuropa Festival, 2005 (with Sue Costabile)
Tokyo Digital Arts Festival, 2005 (with Greg Shakar)

The installation that i gonna setup is inspired by Scrapple. The installation is combination of few instrument like piano,guitar, drum and some sound effect. The main purpose of this installation is for users to compose a nice music.

The installation can be join by few people, it up to 5 people.

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