Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Critique 3 - Idea Development

Thai Ranard

A lot of question pop-up in my mind when think how to do my FYP =.=

How many sound?
How many button?
How to create the button?
How to do the programming?
What program to use?
How much the budget?
Where to find the hardware and software?
What is the difficulty during execution?
What the application look like?

Those question is the problem i will face during my FYP progress. I need to make sure how many sound and button that i need to put in the application/installation. Need to do research on Ranard history. I a bit hard to do survey for Thai Ranard because most of the information is in Thai Words and i need sometime do to the translation.

There are few things that i need to do in this stage.

  • The first thing i need to figure out is doing the FTIR (frustrated total internal reflection) table .
Get inspired from this video


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