Monday, November 23, 2009

Proposal 2

Water Color Paint

"Can produce breathtaking image with just a few brief strokes and color."ANGELA GAIR. With different palette with different feeling to user. For example Viridian-this deep,rich green retains its brilliance even in mixes. Viridian ideal for cooling reds and also mixes well with burnt sienna to create a useful shadow colour.

Problem Identification

Ideation or Concept
Using the concept of water colour to produce a nice digital format water colour paint. With a few stroke and color to produce picture.

Aim and Objectives
to give user to produce a water colour paint without dirty their hand.
to give user feel a different way/experience of drawing.

I want to create an installation that let people more familiar with water colour paint.

Review, Analysis and Precedence Studies
Inspired by the book name WATERCOLOUR by ANGELA GAIR

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