Sunday, November 22, 2009

Proposal 1

Virtual Ranard (Thai Instrument)

"Ranard is one of the famous Thailand music instrument. Thai Classic Music can be classified into 4 categories.
  • Instruments that plays with fingers
  • Instruments that plays with bowes
  • Instruments that plays by beating
  • Instruments that plays with blower
The Thai Traditional Music Ensembles can be classified into 3 categories.

1. Piphat Ensemble.

Piphat Ensemble with hard sticks. Consist of Pi (Thai Oboe), Ranard Taom, Kong

Wong, Ching (Small hard cymbals), Klong (Drum). This band is usually play outdoor because Ranard is specially use hard sticks to play for loud noise.

Piphat Ensemble with feeble sticks. This band has the instruments as the Piphat Ensemble with hard sticks. But use Klui instead of Pi and add Saw Aou. When the player use feeble sticks with Ranard, it makes delightnes and it both suitable for indoor. We usually plays in special occasions or funeral.

Piphat Maun Ensemble. Use the instruments as aforementioned ensembles but use Pi Maun (Peguan Oboe) instead of Pi Zthai Oboe) and add Maun Kong (Peguan Drum) and seven Pung Mangs. This band usually plays for the funeral.

2. Thai String Ensemble is consist or Klui (Recd), Saw Sam Sai (Bowed lute), Saw Duang, Saw Aou, Ton, Ranard, Ching and charb

3. Mahori Ensemble. This band is united by the main instruments from Piphat Ensemble (Use Ranard Taom} Khong) and the instruments from Thai String Ensemble become one. The band X usually plays in special occasions."

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  1. you dont need to imitate the outlook of the musical instrument. be a more creative in designing your musical device although the sounds replicate the the sound made by the original instrument. check out toshio iwai who is renowned for his creativity in making original musical device.