Monday, November 16, 2009

The Youth Music Box

The Youth Music Box by silentstudios

The aim of the Youth Music Box is to allow people of any musical ability to have a hands-on music making experience using cutting-edge digital equipment and, in particular, to inspire more children and young people to get involved in music-making. Inside is a musical console table that allows groups of up to four ‘players’ to create music together using cutting-edge technology interfaces linked to real instruments. They will have the choice of four instruments: two Edirol MIDI keyboards (one for vocals and the other for melody) a Roland TD-9K drumkit, and a Denon 3700S digi-media turntable, which will create and record the track. Players have a choice of six musical styles: reggae, drum and bass, urban, afro beat, classical and disco/electro. After selecting a sample track to keep the beat and play along to, there will be a chance to rehearse before the final recording. Behind the scenes, two technicians in the control room will deploy professional video mixing facilities from Edirol and digital audio controls in the shape of the RSS V-Mixing system. Inside the Box there are remotely-operated cameras built in, ready to film the creative process. Edirol’s V-8 vision mixer will be used to combine these camera feeds with graphics to create a finished video recording. "pixelsumo"

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